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                  Jodeway Electron Co.,Ltd.


                  Shenzhen Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltd.

                  Welcome to Shenzhen Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltd.WebsiteHome Page

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                  Recommended Products

                  • 9W-AU9W-AU
                  • NEW 5W UL USBNEW 5W UL USB
                  Current Position:Home >> Join us
                  The company is looking for the following positions for business development.
                  Once hired, our company will provide a good development platform and favorable welfare treatment! Basic monthly salary + employee welfare + five insurance and one fund + performance bonus.
                  Interested parties should send their recent photos and resumes to:
                  43rd Rifu Road,Baishixia East Area,Fuyong Street,Baoan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong China
                  Shenzhen Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltd.
                  Human Resources and Operations XXXX (Received) (Envelope with the word "Applicant")