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                  Jodeway Electron Co.,Ltd.


                  Shenzhen Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltd.

                  Welcome to Shenzhen Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltd.WebsiteHome Page


                  Recommended Products

                  • 6W UL6W UL
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                  • 18W-UK18W-UK
                  • 6W GS6W GS
                  • 18W-AU18W-AU
                  • 6W BS6W BS
                  • 18W-UL18W-UL
                  • 6W SAA6W SAA
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                  6W UL
                  • 6W UL
                  • 6W UL

                  6W UL


                  Product Description

                  Input Rated Input Voltage 100VAC-240VAC Rated Input Frequency 50/60Hz


                  Input Voltage Range 90VAC-264VAC Inrush Current 30A Max


                  Input Current 0.2A Max Leakage Current 0.25mA Max


                  Efficiency CEC ERP GEMS 
                  Output Output Voltage DC 1.2-36V


                  Output Voltage Regulation ±5% constant Voltage Mode


                  Output Current Regulation ±5% constant Current Mode


                  Output Current  0.01A-1.6A 


                  Ripple and Noise 120mVp-p max @20MHz Bandwidth 47uF Ele.Cap.+0.1uF Cer.Cap.


                  Maximal Power 6W max


                  Turn-On Delay Time Less than 3S Typical At Full Load


                  Hold-up Time 10ms Typical At Full Load


                  Protection Over-current Protection; short-circuit Protection; ver-voltage Protection


                  DC Cable UL2468 UL2464 UL1185 SPT
                  The certificate UL GS PSE CE CB SAA FCC LVD CCC  EMC EMF C-TICK RCM BSMI 
                  standard EMC CISPR22/EN55022 CISPR24/EN55024 EN 61000  FCC Part 15  CISPR14/EN55014-1  EN55014-2 EN62233


                  Safety IEC/EN AS/NZS 60950 IEC/EN 60335 UL60950  J60950 J60335 GB4943-2011 CNS14336 
                  Environmental Operation Temperature 0℃ to 40℃ ambient


                  Storage Temperature .-10℃ to 75℃


                  High-Reliability: MTBF > 20000 Hours under 25℃
                  Weight 70g

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